Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Engadget Apple TV 2 Write up

After reading Engadget's write up of the ATV 2 product, I'm starting to wonder if it would have been wiser to purchase 2 of the new Roku boxes instead of 1. 

Originally I had slated QTY 2 of the ATV2 boxes.  Upon reading more at the technical specifications, I determined that my upstairs entertainment set up wasn't up to snuff for Apple's sole HDMI and Optical Audio interface. I ended up canceling 1 of the ATV 2 orders and just sticking with QTY 1.  I then purchased the $99 Roku Player and received it within a few days.  Ericka and I have already watched some content off of Netflix and Amazon and are extremely excited to hear that Hulu will be added to the content options soon.

If I end up being dismally dissatisfied with the ATV2, I'm thinking it won't be that hard to try and sell it or, more than likely, look into whatever Jailbreak options are avaialble.

Admittedly, I was slightly miffed to discover that Roku released a brand new line up of Roku boxes immediately after receiving one of their devices, but seeing as how their newer $99 doens't have too many new features and their software updates are backwards compatible with their older boxes, I can let it slide.

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